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Variantz Vantage HLS - AI Face Recognition w/ Temperature & Mask System


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CE certified and ISO compliant, Variantz Vantage HLS is the Contactless Facial Recognition with Temperature & Mask Recording System. It captures the temperature of the individuals under 2 seconds at the same time matching the person to the registered users' images. The temperature will then be recorded into the system and can be exported via a PC. The device also takes into account privacy concerns so no snapshot of the individuals will be stored.


Variantz Vantage addresses the pressing 3 challenges with benefits to your organization:


  • Identifying individuals with AI-powered Facial Recognition

With 20,000 registered user records, Variantz Vantage HLS has the ability to identify if the individual is registered or unknown user. Identification is fundamental to contact tracing. Timestamp recording also makes the process clearer for safety and security management of the premise


  • Protecting health & safety of the premise with Facial temperature + Face Mask Detection

The most critical and necessary step in identifying asymptomatic individuals while ensuring everyone going into the premise is wearing a face mask. This information can be tagged to the individuals for recording and contact tracing.


  • Alleviate workforce dependency while automating operations in a contactless manner

You do not have sufficient manpower to be repeating the process of identifying, detecting, and recording personnel particulars. Variantz Vantage has the combined capability to store records of registered user's status and temperature with the data being downloaded via PC connection for reporting and analysis. An upcoming integration to various authorities will further make it seamless when complying with the regulatory requests.


Beyond addressing the health and safety of the individuals and premise, Vantage HLS is ready to be connected to security access such as doors, barriers, gantries, with local management and designed to be connected to Variantz Cloud IoT Platform where it can be connected to other forms of smart devices to automate/personalize various workflow, achieving your smart premise that brings value to your people and organization.


Technical Specification

Display: 5” / 7” / 10” IPS Hight Definition + capacitive touch screen

CPU: ARM Cortex Quad-Core A9 32-bit @ 1.4 Ghz

Operating System: Linux Embedded

Operating RAM: 1G DDR3 RAM + 8G eMCC Storage

Enclosure: CNC aluminum alloy

Camera Lens & Resolution: 2MP 1080P + RGB IR

Camera properties: Wide Dynamic Range, fixed focus, auto exposure, white balance

Communication method: RJ45, WiFi, 4G (Optional)

Face Authentication Accuracy: ≥ 99.0%

AI algorithm: Mxnet

Distance of Face Recognition: 0.3m ~ 0.5m optimal

User record: 100,000

User Registration Capacity: 20,000

Built-in speaker: 8 Ω 1W, voice prompts supporting TTS

Thermal Display & Image Resolution: Yes. 32 x 32 / 12μm

Field Angle FOV: 33*33

Maximum Dimension of Infrared: ≥ 320 x 240 @ 0.5m; Tolerance ± 0.5°C

Maximum Distance: 100cm

Temperature Range & Accuracy: 30°C ~ 45°C, ±0.5°C @ 50cm

Temperature Threshold Control: Yes

Operating Language: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Physical External Interface: RS485, Wiegand, Relay I/O

Deployment Method: Standard Tripod / Wall-Mount

Power Input: AC110 ~ 220; DC12V 2A

Operating Environment: Temp: 0°C ~ 45°C; Hum: 20% ~ 80%

IP Rating: IP55

Warranty: 1-Year Limited Liability Internal Technical

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