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After Break & Recharged! 

I'm back. Stronger because of God. No glam shots but just me being a mom and a woman fighting to make a difference. Single mom. Single life with no Worries (You think?) Single mom got to bear with a loadful of responsibility, commitments and plentiful of love/patience that you gotta hug it like your entire universe cos you realised once the kids on their days with their dad, you will miss the laughter/screaming/arguments/hugs & kisses/sparking eyes/riddles that you can't figure out/snuggling on the bed together. And yet you got to bear with the basics of survival provided you have a peace loving ex who pays maintenance on time, does not send creditors to your door, does not bad mouthed to the world in front of your kids, leaving all the hatred behind. In life, these these are probably just part of what a single mom gotta faced. From dealing with parents constantly requiring attention, maid that don't steal or torture your kids, clients who don't behave in an unreasonable behaviour, house that fallen apart with aircon leaking/ tap leaking/cardboard door falling off, busy dealing with kids daily requirements.... Well... You must be thinking what kept a single mom going. Its the LOVE from the kids. The only and simple fuel that would keep any mom going. The fuel that after loads of tears that you thought can't get going then the strength needs to be mastered to stay alive, to keep the passion alive, to face the world, to face with whatever challenges that would come along the way because of LOVE. The MOTHERLY LOVE that no man would ever understand. The love the mom would crossed ever the need to sacrifice life her own to protect. This LOVE became more resilient when you became a single mom. The LOVE to make you grow, glow, strengthen you and even to inspire people around you. The LOVE that God gifted that you might think its so enormous and yet its a blessing. A Gift of Motherhood. Thank you #faithangels for completing my journey as a mom and being the woman that I thought I would never be. All thanks to Him. Amen! #singlemomrocks #singlemom #solobliss #kidsaregodsend #faithangels #AsiaOneMostPromisingPersonality2018 #MrsChinatownInternationalAllNation2018 #MrsBeautifulSkin2018 #MrsChinatownSingapore2018 #celestiafaithchong #beautydeconcierge #beautyconcierge #aesthetic #cosmeticsurgery #plasticsurgery #imageconsultant #marketer #clozette #starclozetter #influencer #sgbloggers

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