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Blessed 2020!

2019 had been an eventful year, there were a fair share of ups and downs. Faith of believing that things happened for a reason.

Made some mistakes but well I grew smarter as a result. Time is always a great tool to heal, grow, learn, love, give and more.

This year I worked with many incredible partners who had generously gifted me or beautify me to what I am today. I also met incredible souls who made a difference to the society and yet so humble to willingly give back.

2020 would be a better for you and me. For areas that we had fallen, we will grow in positive ways. We will take the time to love people who stood by us. Let's leave behind toxic people and negative thoughts in 2019!

2020 I would be busy with: - bespoke marketing/events - collaboration with health/beauty/lifestyle partners - DNA test/ lifestyle- personal/corporating branding - connecting businesses

My new website had been updated and would be upgraded gradually. Please visit it and contact me for enquiries.

Have a blissful 2020!

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