Celestia Charity Birthday Yacht Party!

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

A day all made possible with these white angels who supported this special day for me for a good cause. 😍 (They were just half of the crowd as the rest were in yacht Ximula)

To live each day appreciating what God had in store for us. The laughter and smiles brought much joy to this small humble event on Artiste Darren Lim Ximula Sail on two yachts Gracefully & Ximula with one media and non media yachts of a total of 34 guests on board. This photo showed the media yacht guests before we set off.

Simply love my hair by Headlines Hairdressing. I wanted a romantic soft elegant Greece inspired hairstyle and wala! Styling by Beauty de Concierge.

We meet up at 6pm and everyone gathered in time to set off after a 10min briefing by the captain. We docked at Lazarus Island for dinner and performance before setting off to Marina Bay area for the beautiful night scene before setting back to One Degree 15.

Darren was travelling that day and we were blessed to have sweet ex artiste Evelyn Tan on board as part of the crew! Knew her since 8 years back when she was hosting the breastfeeding event and glad through God's plan she was part of my celebrations.

Thank you artiste Apple Hong who is a sis close to my heart whom we celebrate each other birthdays yearly to come by too. It's always precious to have friends who are there for you.

Artiste Le Yao is another of my girlfriends whom we met by chance at an event. Now she is also ensuring I have my bottle of Babyface spray in my bag always to firm and hydrate my face wherever I go.

This young talented cellist is Shan Loh who had the chance to work with international names like Michael Buble and Cameron Mackintosh's Les Miserables International Tour, to name a few. It was through the Gala of Phantom of the Opera that I met her by accident and she said yes to perform immediately when my crazy idea to put up this event was only at its infancy stage. Thank you for believing in me!

Despite being so busy over her schedule, she never failed to make time if she could whether it comes to my home CNY gathering or this. She is none other than Joanna Portilla who is Chairman of the People’s Association Women’s Integration Network Council (WINC). A lady who tirelessly done loads for the community. Salute!

Can't thank enough for these beautiful ladies on board!

Of course I cannot miss out Shannon Zann (second from right) for agreeing to be the emcee for the night. She is a bilingual emcee, actress now involved in 我的左邻右里.

Gotta introduce one of my favorite veteran artiste Jerry Hoh, who is a wonderful friend listening to all my downs and also there as the ideal partner for my media events. See how cute he was here!

My special performer and duet partner for the night Jabez Wong who won 粤语好声音 (the Voice in Cantonese) 3rd place. Stressful for me though since he sings so well.

Right beside me is Sean Yeo who had been so gracefully contributed both in cash and effort to perform in the party! Kind hearted chap and its my 1st time meeting him and Joel who bought the ticket too.

Up and coming little brother I have here. He is the latest signup artiste by Michelle Chong from Left Profile and I am so proud of him. Thank you for coming and wish you all the best in your future endeavor.

How often do you have sponsors supporting you since 2014. Thank you Tony Tjong (Marketing Director of V10Plus) for keeping my face supple and contributed for the Lucky Draw too.

I wanna give the biggest credits to Mr Fams, Dato Sri, Justice of Peace, DK who had so kindly contributed $3300. He was very humble and offered to contribute for a good cause and for me to be able to pull this party through successfully. I really appreciate his kind thoughts. Within 2 weeks I had it put together without so much stress thanks to him. Mr Fams had also been involved in many other charity events for a good cause.

Party never complete without fun loving Francis Tanaka from Travel Media (on my right) ! Thank you for your CK waist pouch that would come in handy for my travel trips.

Another good friend who is the Founder/CEO of Fortis Law, Patrick Tan whom I would bug him for all sorts of legal advice which he had so kindly gave and guessed what these 2 guys knew each other way back. Such a coincidence doesn't it.

Bro in Christ - Simon Tan (Founder of Peace Japanese Cuisine) , who supported with ticket and lucky draw prize the very moment I asked. Not forgetting your sake!

When the boys had fun! With the rose Victoriya (One Degree 15, Marketing) of course.

From left, Francis (Director of Hehshed) who had helped me greatly in the birthday logistics and thoughtful birthday blessings, Colin who contributed in cash, Denis (helped me with bringing the alcohol, sweetly rewarded me with 2nd round VIP party treats and birthday blessings) and Jerry Hoh.

Love this cake which I tried to put it up together with the cake toppers of angels and flowers. Using the macadamia chocolate and lychee martini flavours to woo the guests along with the white/red wines, whisky, and 1.5L of sparkling red.

Smiles and more smiles...

Me in my unglam party mode...

Cheers to all my guests to the abundance of love they had given me.

Making a wish and hopefully it will come true for me in the year to come!

Cake cutting time!

Thank you speech for all the sponsors.

Together with the love of my life #faithangels. Thank you for being with mummy on this very special day. Love you to the moon and back.

Media yacht shot!

Non media yacht shot!

And we all got together for a good cause! Thank you everyone for paying this important part of this special day. For being part of my life journey one way or the other. For being the unique you. Thank you God for sending these angels along my way. This day would be so normal without your presence. You had made this day the best ever for 2019 and I would love for you to be part of it in years to come.

After all the cake cutting and photography, let's get on to the performance.

I managed to dish out a duet 你最珍贵 and remix solo specially for 月亮代表我的心 without much catastrophe. 😂

Huge credits for Robert Wesley for helping with the background music, moving all the heavy equipments, bought the night lights, hosting us for 2 sessions to practise the songs not forgetting his gourmet delights at his place. Plus the remix version of 月亮代表我的心 which I love it loads.

Celebrity Cellist Hsiao Shan Loh, Artiste Jabez Wong and Shawn Yeo, special number by Artiste Apple Hong, my 2 gals and not forgetting Music Producer Robert Wesley Seng behind the BGM as well as bilingual emcee Shannon Zann spicing up the event.

Dearie sis Apple Hong for singing despite the last minute impromptu notice.

Ending the song with sis Apple. Thank you darling. This moment was precious.

Not forgetting other artistes on board like Evelyn Tan, Zully Le, Jerry Hoh, Royce Lee, Wilson Ng and other special guests who had graced the occasion.

We had yummy food sponsored by Kim Paradise, wines /whisky to fill the soul, refreshing Ionized Oxygen water by OxyLuxe and lucky draw prizes by generous sponsors worth $10k for every guest who attended.

Loads of compliments given by the guests for filling them up with the yummy food from Kim Paradise. Thank you so much for sponsoring the food and gave them happy tummy for the night!

I had always love every drop of coloured serum that had played a vital role in my skin regime since 2014. Originated from Japan, every colour of serum played a different role for different skin challenges. I used at least 6!

How can I not feel pampered when I received this hamper worth $800+ on my birthday!

Thank you V10plus!

When shades are not just for Aesthetic purpose, its meant to protect our eyes from the sun too. This is a lovely rose gold Tokay shade from Spectacle Hut. Thank you for the ♥

Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

Remember my 100 days challenge with Shou Slimming with a combination of East Meets West treatments? My fat %, fat mass, hydration level, visceral fats had improved and I can sleep better now. Not talking about weight but the actual health indicators.

Of course you need to coupled with good eating and lifestyle habits. Thank you for sponsoring the vouchers for the lucky draw!

Thank you God, my #faithangels, sponsors, performers, media friends and donors!

📸 Ishardi Jamil

Thank you for the guests for your attendance!

Ishardhi- Photographer

Wilson Ng - Videographer

Shannon Zann - Bilingual emcee, actress now involved in 左邻右里

Shan Loh - Celebrity Cellist, Played with Les Mis and toured w Michael buble

Jabez Wong - 粤语好声音 (the Voice in Cantonese) 3rd place

Sean Yeo - Singer

Robert Wesley - Music Producer Songwriter & Arranger for International Music

Apple Hong - Artiste

Le Yao - Artiste

Jerry Hoh - Artiste

Royce Lee - Left Profile Artiste with Michelle Chong

Joel Mong

Francis Tanaka - Travel Media

Mr Fams, Dato Sri, Justice of Peace, DK plus 2 guests

Dickson, Joyre Spa & JL International

Alan Tan, MD of Rasel Catering

Joshua Royston Sim, Founding Executive Director of MAVIE

Jerry Toh, Director of Jerry Toh & Associates

Pearl Lim, Director of Jerry Toh & Associates

Simon Ng, Director of Peace Japanese Restaurant

Dennis Oei (helped with logistics and blessings)


Victoriya ( One Degree 15, Marketing)

Francis Goh - CEO of Hehsed (helped with logistics and blessings)

Francisco Marin - Leica Photographer

Patrick Tan - CEO of Fortis Law

Joanna Portilla, Chairman of the People’s Association Women’s Integration Network Council (WINC)

Tony Tjong, Marketing Director of V10plus

Credits to the Lucky Draw Sponsors worth about $10,400! 6x D'Skin / SHOU Slimming Centre Treatments worth $728 (Total: $4,368) 2x V10plus Hampers (V3 Miracle Serums for Hands/Feet/Amino Serum/ Soothing Milk Cleanser/Peeling Gel) worth $476 (Total: $952) 18x @ShouSlimming Body Perfecting Treatment worth $230 (Total: $4,140) 1x Peace Japanese Cuisine Dining Voucher $188 3x Headlines Hairdressing Mucota Scena Treatment worth $160 (Total: $480) 1x Feet Haven Reflexology - Katong Branch $100 1x HolyCrab Dining Voucher $100 2x HolyCrab Dining Voucher $50



Mr Fams, Dato Sri, Justice of Peace, DK $3,300.00

Sean Yeo - Singer $300.00

Joel Mong $300.00

Dickson, Joyre Spa & JL International $300.00

Alan Tan, MD of Rasel Catering $300.00

Joshua Royston Sim, Founding Executive Director of MAVIE $300.00

Jerry Toh, Director of Jerry Toh & Associates $300.00

Pearl Lim, Director of Jerry Toh & Associates $300.00

Simon Ng, Director of Peace Japanese Cuisine $300.00

Colin $300.00

Francisco Marin $300.00

Joanna Portilla, Chairman of WINC $100.00

Others (Anonymous) $300.00

Total Amount Received $6,700.00


Yacht Rental $1,498.00

Alcohol (20 bottles of wine - $27.90 , 1.5L sparking red & 1 bottle of whisky) $668.00

Décor ($27), Banner($16) , Logistics ($30) $73.00

Cake $148.20

Total Expenses $2,387.20

Amount for Charity $4,312.80

I would like to highlight once again that this event started as a dream. A dream that I could raise a modest amount to feed 340 residents in Jalan Bukit Merah from a nobody. With God's will, I am able to do it with help from kind donors and sponsors, not forgetting the media friends who came back to give the support. I am nothing without all of you. To add on, every single one who contributed in their own special ways whether in comes to cash, media presence, logistics, performance or any effort in making this event a success.

Celestia would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the 7 July 2019 distribution possible. Not 4 million but 4k is going enough to distribute bits of love and making a difference. Thank you everyone single one of you who had been a part of this 3 weeks journey from me planning fruition this as this was a one man show from designing e-mailer & banner, getting sponsors for lucky draw/food, finding kind souls to buy the tickets, putting up the program together, getting the performers/emcee, liasing with the special media guests, getting the rsvp, practising for my own songs and now getting volunteers for the 7 July distribution while working with NTUC Co-orperative (special thanks to Mr Andy Wan, GM of NTUC Co-operative) to give a better rate for the groceries used in distributions moving forward.

#APacketofRice: A self setup group which distributes meal box to low income needy residents and senior citizens who residing in rented 1 or 2 rooms flats.

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