In Remembrance of Aloysius Pang

The social media was filled with the loss of a talented youth who had been the light of many and talented in his works. I felt sad though I do not know him personally. As a parent, I could felt the grief. It is a pride to serve the country but it is only right that every life is taken seriously as well. I do hope that measures would be put in place to ensure that such death would not occur again.

This should be a reminder to us not to take people around us for granted. To appreciate the little things in life. To express our passion in life and love to people we care about. Let go of things that do not matter, the pain, the hatred and embracing forgiveness, joy and hope. Do not let go the chance to say I love you, I miss you, I forgive you to someone you care about. Live the life as if every moment its the last. Do not bother to please the world cos you can't!

Let's treasure life and people around us for every moment is a gift!


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