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Ki Sho Omakase Experience!

Perfect gastrointestinal experience at Ki Sho for both the eyes and tummy! For uni lovers it's a must come. Fulfilled my cravings with their 9 course Omakase $450/pax with separate order of Daijinjo to wash it down as well. Of course nothing beats good company to enjoy the experience.

Checklist: Starter: Signature uni with French caviar Loads of uni from Hokkaido Abalone Wagyu with generous truffle Hokkaido Hairy crab Signature Charcoal grilled Aged Unagi, featuring the prized Hana sansho Fresh slices of sashimi The list goes on...

Chef Hamamoto was from Waku Ghin before he joined Ki-sho 葵匠 as Resident Chef where he serves modern kaiseki through a series of seasonally inspired omakase menus, each deeply rooted in Japan’s rich culinary tradition.

Barely a year after its opening, Ki-Sho 葵匠 was named one of Singapore’s “Best New Restaurants” on CNN Travel. It is located at one of the beautiful black and white bungalows on 29 Scotts Road.

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