Shou Slimming 100 Days & Beyond Toning Journey

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

A journey where I would be making a change with slimming treatments, personal trainer guidance and lifestyle changes for a healthier and radiant me.

You may see that the weight loss in number were not dramatic as weight is definitely not an indication on the figure. For my frame to reduce my body fats % from 28.1 to 25.8 and fat mass of 1.5kg is a lot and definitely encouraging to continue on my journey. Fat is very much lighter than muscles thus at the higher weight with more muscles on you, you might even look leaner. I am happy with what I see for sure. :)


Conor Gleeson Fitness

Everyone is different and thus there would be a customised program catered to your needs. I am happy to share on the treatments and my experience as I embarked on this journey.

Photos speaks a thousand words so see to believe. I was surprised to see the difference after comparison.

Session 1 & 2 (Velashape)

I started my journey with my thighs. I would not say that it is fat to start with but the consultants had spotted the unsightly cellulite which I had no clue on all these while. Ya lo... I really dunno I have so much... Geez...

I was fortunate to be using VelaShape, the first and only FDA-cleared device that contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming problem areas such as thighs, buttocks, love handles and abdomen.

It uses combination of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF), Infrared Light Energy, plus Vacuum and Mechanical Massage that is specially designed to reshape body contours and improve skin texture.

The suction was pretty strong and I could feel that it was working very much on my problem areas. I could feel the cellulite areas having some ache and the heat was increased gradually to about 42 to 44 degree celsius. For the first session, I asked for few 2 secs pulse when it got slightly too hot to bear initially. After 10 to 15 mins or so, the heat was supposed to go into the inner layer due to RF where the real fat burning took place. I experienced some bruises which was considered normal after the treatment.

On my second session, I could feel the ache decreased and more bearable. However, do expect some bruises as well. The amount of bruising would vary from individual as I do have pretty bad cellulites due to long term sitting down and not exercising.

The frequency for my 1st and 2nd session was one week apart due to me having my menstrual cycle. The recommended for me was 2 times a week. I could see my upper thigh looking more trimmed 3 days after the 2nd session.

A patented 2 technologies in 1 setting and it is a non-invasive anti-aging treatment that works to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles* and tighten sagging skin* by using heat to boost collagen production. This helps to restore a smoother, more youthful appearance.

The heat for this is bearable though you might observe temporary redness after the treatment.

Detox Boost Relieve toxic build-up in the lymph nodes and remove body’s waste by exerting the right pressure along the Meridians with Detox Boost. This treatment focuses specifically on the lymph nodes to improve general health and wellbeing.

The 60-minute session kicks off with a warm towel compress to ‘warm up’ the nervous system and improve blood circulation. Thereafter, the therapist will proceed with a TCM Pressure Point massage using either a Circulation, Firming or Detoxing ampoule, chosen based on an assessment of your body. Each ampoule delivers effective nutrients to the system, enhancing immunity and balance to the body.

To kick-start the lymphatic drainage process, Detox Oil will be applied to the body using a combination of long and slow strokes with timed pressure point on the key lymph nodes along the armpits and hip area near the groin. This process will help rid the body of bio waste while rallying the system’s immunity, circulation and toning. The treatment will finish off with Body Brushing to further help cells rejuvenate and speed up overall metabolic rate, resulting in lesser appearance of cellulite, slimmer and smoother hips through improved circulation and cell bio-stimulation.

Its then integrated with several key Western medical-grade treatments such as RadioFrequency (RF) to further enhance the results. Through Shou Slimming's combination of TCM pressure massage at the Meridian flow, the treatment aims to reduce toxins held in the body, improve blood circulation, calibrate the body's natural flow to restore the body's optimal balance.

There will be some soreness experience but no pain no gain. After some sessions the sensations would be very much reduced.

VS Freeze+ The first and only FDA approved RF and PMF combination simultaneous treatment available in the market, the V-Freeze+ effectively repairs and prevents aging of the skin. It contours and reduces stubborn fat pockets with multiple penetration depth (3D penetration and 3D heating). The OctopolarRF causes a thermal reaction in the tissue, stimulating the body’s natural healing response, allowing for new collagen to form. Treatment is non-invasive, and pain-free with no downtime.

I felt numbness even one week after treatment. Within one week of VS Freeze, it is advisable to return for a thermal treatment.

Ultrasonic Non-Invasive Lipo (Cavitation) (Cool treatment) Regain body confidence with our Ultrasonic Non-Invasive Lipo! This revolutionary treatment removes stubborn unwanted fats with the use of a hand-piece device to accurately target problem areas. During treatment, ultrasound waves work together with radiofrequency (RF) to break down stubborn fat deposits and cellulite while at the same time stimulating the lymphatic system to speed up the elimination of liquefied fats. RF at the same time affects deeper dermal layers, thus helping to promote new collagen protein to strengthen, smooth and firm skin. Treatment is safe and non-invasive with little to no downtime.

You will experienced a tingling sound only audible in your ears. This is normal. There is totally no discomfort felt at all for this treatment.

Using the same machine, ThermoLipo (warm treatment)

ThermaLipo Non-invasive and long lasting, our ThermaLipo treatment is a highly effective body contouring treatment designed to eliminate fat pockets in targeted areas with minimal pain and downtime. The treatment makes use of radiofrequency to heat into the deepest layers of skin, causing body fat to liquefy, increases blood circulation and encourages drainage of fatty deposits into the lymphatic system. In addition, the heat contributes to theacceleration of collagen fibres, restructuring and tightening of the skin.

High Care ICT

Don't mind me sitting up for photo to show you what was done. My legs were all wrapped up and I fell asleep as the movements massaged my legs.

It is used to reduce the appearance effectively with High Care ICT (Intermittent Compression Therapy). The technology uses rhythmic movements and fills, releasing pressure waves onto the massage sleeves within the air chamber. The pressure waves, timed in a recurrent over the course of the treatment, mimic the gliding strokes of a body massage. The pressure in waves improves the body’s blood circulation thus speeding up the process of detoxification. This series of mechanically assisted lymphatic drainage process accelerates the lymphatic drainage and body rejuvenation while providing a comfortable treatment focused on pressure point therapy for relief. At the same time, the body’s propensity to burn fat is increased. At the end of the treatment, expect your body to feel detoxified, with appearance of cellulite reduced.


My 1st time experiencing such an unique treatment, very much a modern TCM acupuncture with magnetic suction cups.

Toxin Treatment; a classic SHOU East Meets West treatment, boasts a more advanced fusion of infrared thermal treatment combined with the principles of Chinese acupuncture. The body is first treated with our Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage, targeting the body’s acu-points, adjusting the body’s natural internal circulation to speed up the body’s metabolism and aid in detox. After which, treatment will follow with the FIR Infrared Thermal Blanket, utilizing infrared energy which causes the body molecules to rapidly vibrate against each other, in return causing a thermal reaction that increases tissue temperatures.

Our body’s immune system will be strengthened through the perspiring process caused by the increased heating. Acid and waste residues are then removed from our cells.

As a result, treatment promotes weight loss, enhance body shaping, improves blood circulation, activates the lymphatic system, combats cellulite and improves overall skin quality

You will need to take note that depending on individuals the marks might last up to a week on your toxin buildup or healing ability.


My overall experience with Shou Slimming had been very assuring. I believed that besides slimming centre you will still need to establish a long term healthy lifestyle and work with Shou hand in hand. The staff were very knowledgeable and friendly as well as well trained in what they do. Most of all, they merged both the Western and Chinese treatments to create the customised programs for individuals. It's not able losing your weight on the short term and have it all back again but it's a long term commitment. Coupled with a good exercise regime, the results would be much favorable and sustainable.

Shou Slimming

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