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Sporty Thursday!

Triumph understands the multifaceted woman. She leads an active lifestyle, exercises to get healthy, but also to get social – sharing run distances through her apps, attending classes and spurring friends on to achieve their targets. In this sociable sporting climate, style-driven women want to look good and have outstanding support. They want to wear sportswear to work in and out of the gym that does not compromise style for function and vice versa.

Triaction offers the ultimate solution: bras in Triumph’s favourite fits that are on-trend, extremely supportive, comfortable and with no bulk.

A fit for every shape, the collection is also bounce control certified by world renowned Research Group in Breast Health, the University of Portsmouth. (Imagine that!)

The Cardio collection features a range of bras with superior support, perfect for high performance activities and women who love to feel the burn. The concept that unites all the bras in this range is Dynamic Lite with 3D Powertech, which fuses three innovative fabrics to provide extreme bounce control and comfort.

The Studio collection introduces multiple fits and fashionable styles that combines support and comfort for women who focus on low intensity, toning activities. Inspired by the athleisure trend, which sees women go from studio to social, the bras unite style with outstanding fit, support and comfort. This collection of bras also feature the Magic Motion, Triumph’s award-winning soft-touch Magic Wire Air innovation, that gives all the support of a wire with extra comfort.


Save up to $60!

$10 OFF 1st set

$20 OFF 2nd set

$30 OFF 3rd set

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